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What is the best way to move these over to the new site?

Hi everyone!

Can you help? I`m currently in the process of building a new website and moving existing content from our old website on to it...

I`ve found the current site has 100`s of 301 redirects currently in use. including links from old URLs, tag pages etc.

What is the best way to move these over to the new site / can anyone recommend a way to export/produce a list of the 301 redirects?

Another problem I have come across is that the site has over 600 old job pages not in use but with searchable urls (using a simple job board plugin - now out of date because of the current state of the website).

I am unable to view all of the urls to move them onto the new site / create new redirects. Can anyone suggest a solution?

Thank you very much!

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  • Jody Nesbitt: if you know they exsit, where did you see them?
  • Wissam Dandan: Go to web archive.org and u can pull the list of urls from the api and you can create easily redirect strings to point old and older urls to the new urls
  • George G.: on your question - 301s should be in .htaccess file if apache, if nginx, try the log file. Now is this necessary? I would not bother 301 any urls that do not have links to them. Make a list with the urls of the old site that have any link juice flowing in. Then map those to the relevant urls on the new site. Do the same for urls that rank and bring traffic (you can see them in analytics) All the rest leave 404.
  • Dave Elliott: go to a backlink checker like majestic and download everything you can and run the urls of YOUR site it gives you through a crawler like screaming frog. This will give you all your 301/302 response codes. Crawl your entire site using screaming frog again look for any 301/302 response codes. Combine the lists and de-dupe and you should have all the redirects...or close to anyway. You may need to run the redirect url list it spits out and then repeat a few times to get everything.
  • Jennifer Denney: Screaming frog! Done and done ✅ It`ll pull a list of all URL`s.
  • Adam John Humphreys: There‘s actually plugins to export the 301s list from redirect plugins. You can export that and create an .htaccess. For the jobs redirect them to appropriate pages if indexed still at all. If not just disable aNd redirect them all to closest relevant area. The one thing I like about WPEngine hosting is they can grab the list and redirect them all for you. Software php redirects in particular plugins are prone to failure and I only use temporarily if in a rush until I can implement server redirects. Yoast pro doesn’t redirect on WPEngine or NGInx servers properly from what I have seen. Alternatively on small sites if you don’t have paid screaming from export the redirect list. I think the cutoff is only 2500 pages free?

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