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Are two sites better than one?

Are two sites better than one? Two hair salons with similar (not exactly same) name. One is in main area city, the other in another town 8 miles away. Each has its own GMB/Maps listing. Share owner, some stylists, products and services very slightly.

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  • Jim Munro: They don`t share customers so my vote is for two.
  • Jason Duke: As Jim said plus, 2 sites is 2 opportunities to rank and gain 2 (or more) positions in the 2, or more locations... It may need double the budget, but gives a big safety net from whoever ranks at position 3.
  • Ed Barnat: Thank you, both. That is what I thought but I am just a dumb...
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Just be sure you don`t duplicate all the content and info. Make sure the differences are communicated clearly. Entirely valid to have two sites when you do that.
  • Neil Cheesman: My only question would be is - is splitting your efforts going to be more profitable than working on one site (ho long is a piece of string). Given that there may not be a whole lot of work it may be practical and even beneficial to have two - just watch your workload. PS - are there already two sites or one?
  • Adam John Humphreys: Location sub folders of locations done properly tends to rank well for local. The content in services I imagine would be the same. Best Buy and other large corps give individual pages for locations with bulleted services linking to service pages. Schema and G+ my business is definitely your friend here. After that Duane Forrester of Yext is what you need (yext local). FB videos, display ads on Google network etc with remarketing is big. Since salon ROI is biggest on product the discussions around that are big. My stylist does Instagram videos for his audience and through FB boosted.
  • Adam John Humphreys: 2 sites is easy but you need original content for each and that’s not necessary when you have one properly done sIt’s.
  • Stuart Marler: Two website too

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