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Hi I have a dumb SEO question. (Sorry if this has already been answered before) So my client has two property versions that are present on search console: HTTP and HTTPS. It is an HTTPS site but looking at the source code for the homepage, the canonical is being pointed to the http version. Therefore, if I`m correct, I should be looking at the stats for the "http" version but the https property has the larger data (index status, traffic). I am confused which version I am supposed to look at?
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  • Dave Elliott: google tends to ignore http canonicals when an https version is present(it`s pretty inconsistent though), but they should really point them to the https version...and then you should use that one, at the moment the answer is you should be looking at both.
  • Kumar Sanjeev: Always use self-relation canonical in terms of Https on all website pages. Redirect entire http URI to https version.
  • Durbha Shri Hari: This is not dumb at all following
  • Adam John Humphreys: Fix the canonical to https:// claim in webmaster console for http:// http://www. https://www. https:// and set preferred version as either http or www. depending on which has more results indexed in google. Connect that version which will be https:// or https://www. to google analytics, 301 all site versions to preferred site version and under google analytics under admin then properties specify the preferred https version to insure you see traffic in reports.

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