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1 website, 5 locations

A client has 5 locations in the state. 1 website, but many city-specific pages within the website. So for each of their GMB listings, should I have the website button go to the Home page, or a city-specific page?
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  • Jeremy L. Knauff: Each city should have at least its own page with unique local contact info, or, better yet, if you’re able to produce lots of useful and original content, it’s own sub site under the same domain. domain.com/city1/ domain.com/city2/ domain.com/city3/ Each with their own pages, blogs, contact page, etc. contact info throughout each sub site should reflect that site. If you’re relatively competent with WP, you can do set it up as a single multisite install. Depending on your situation, that can get pretty complicated very quickly though.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Jeremy that`s a good idea. Unfortunately I`ve seen too many site owners end up creating near duplicate garbage instead of taking the time necessary to create high quality, very unique content on each silo where it`s accurate and valid to each city. And too many SEOs who have done that as well. It`s ugly out there.
  • Tim Capper: Each location page should have the locations detail on page together with any unique offerings to that location and services. This url is the one that should be listed in GMB page and also used in citation building for each location. You can get very creative with location pages, add staff bios for that location, special offers, social feeds, and of course reviews.

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