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Does .com rank better than the rest?

Does .com rank better than the rest?
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  • Dakota Lujan: Thanks for accepting me I`m sure I`ll have plenty of these!
  • Simon Cartier: Google algorithm: probably not -- Organic traffic higher because of higher trust in traditional TLDs: higher ranking possible/expected .... so yes
  • Richard Hearne: .COM does rank better than the rest, but not because it`s .COM. Purely down to usage and linkage. If .ANYTHING was historically used as much as .COM is you would probably see a fairly even distribution of .COM and .ANYTHING in the SERPs.
  • Debdut Mukherjee: No real correlation between the ranking and .com! I`ve seen .io sites rank higher than . com sites. It`s just when people hear your brand name, they either search it on Google or type (brand name).com.
  • Stuart Mackenzie: It`s about content and interactions .com means nothing, a crap site on .com will fair no better than a crap site on .io, it`s down to what you do with it 👍
  • Kumar Sanjeev: I personally ran test based on hosting location close to the target audience. My organic traffic increased gradually to xx%. Don`t invest time in thinking about domain extension.
  • Gerry White: Relevance to user - in the uk a .co.uk might seem more relevant and google do use tld for localisation, but that can be easily overridden - a local tld might get a higher ctr which studies have suggested increase relevance
  • Simon Cartier: @ Kumar Sanjeev Richard Hearne Gerry White To now clarify my first answer at the very top... lol, As a matter of fact TLDs relate to your geolocation, but for the sake of the discussion Kumar, you are right! Much better to choose .it when in Italty and .ca when in Canada. It`s a very complicated question and also, a very simple question to answer. I f you aiming at the local businesses in your area, choose the correct TLD and buy the subsequent ones for international growth. If you are going all around the place, .com, but, you could go for .net, .co. .org or .store depending on your audience... Rankingwise, .com wins all the time, but by how much, 1%? 10% Be my guest, marketing is the real factor
  • David Iwanow: It will more likely show for more things because it`s a bit of a shotgun approach. But ccTLDs like com.au have better CTR and usually more trust in users mind than a .com

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