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Using sub-directory SEO for multi-language website

Subject: Use of Subdirectories in Different Countries SEO.

Hi, I have optimized the website (Ex. www.thecompanymanager.com) for USA. In webmasters, the targeted country also the same.

We are planning to market the same domain to canada as www.thecompanymanager.com/ca with the same website template.

So the following steps are I planning to do,

1. New subfolder in server as `ca` & upload the same website layout with new content.
2. Optimizing all title, descriptions, alt etc for the specific country.
3. Adding a new property on webmasters as
4.?? Suggest the right do things.

Kindly let me the pro`s and con`s of using the subdirectory SEO, and must do things.

Thanks in advance for your answers.!!!

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  • Maria Patterson: https://moz.com/learn/seo/international-seo
  • Christopher Shin: Don’t see how you are going to differentiate with the English language. If you plan on using different meta tags, do you plan on also changing the landing page content? Are you talking about setting up dynamic landing pages? For sub pages that will use countries, not sure how you will distinguish between CA and USA. For example, they both would same English as well as content, For most of my clients, I would either use a sub domain from the TLD to distinguish the country or use sub pages as the following example: www.example.com/us-en/page name. But the better way to overcome this too is to use hreflang tags. Hope this helps.
  • Remi Ribes: /ca isn`t the best way to do it. You can but it`s tough. A sub-domain (canada.example.com) or a different domain name would work better. And yes, you forget lots of things, like hreflang issues etc. Handling websites with identical contents in different languages/countries is one of the most difficult parts of SEO. I highly recommend you to contract an SEO consultant.

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