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Changing URL of high ranked pages

My money keyword is ranked on my website homepage from last 2 years. I was getting good business from that keyword but last week that keyword was moved to other URL. What should I do ???

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  • Neeraj Kumar: Are the two pages similar? Is the other page important one, too?
  • Vivek Choudhary: Yup other page is important too
  • Neeraj Kumar: Use internal linking. Link the money keyword on the other page as anchor text to the home page. And submit that page to search, may be in Search Console.
  • Vivek Choudhary: Thanx 👍👍
  • Stockbridge Truslow: The home page, in all reality, is almost never the best landing page for some specific search. It`s the landing page for business name searches and broad searches which encompass your entire array of offerings. The home page is really just a snapshot of "what you can expect to find inside" - and how to find it. Be absolutely certain that the page Google is sending people to for that keyword IS NOT actually the most relevant page for that term. If it actually is the most relevant page and you try to convince Google that the home page is then Google will end up with conflicting data. Half of its ranking math is going to be saying that the other page is most relevant, and then another part of the ranking math is going to be saying that the home page is based upon the signals you are sending. Therefore, each page only has half the ranking power and neither of them are going to show up for that term (assuming someone else is competing for it and not making the same mistakes). Rather than trying to compete with yourself and making Google go to another page - take a look at the search terms people are using to find the page and figure out what that user`s intent is when they make that search. Then make sure that page gives them what they were looking for and then, once you`ve done that, you attempt to convert them from "their goal" to "your goal" (if they aren`t already the same). Google is ranking that other page for a reason. Figure out that reason and leverage it. The only way a home page is going to outrank another page for a search is if it`s a broad search or if there is no other page that addresses that specific concern. Therefore, in order to make the home page rank first your only choice is to diminish the value of the other page in some way. If someone were to suggest to me that they want to get rid of a #1 search ranking for a relevant term in hopes that another page comes up, I`d be looking for another marketing/SEO person - but that`s just me, I guess.
  • Neeraj Kumar: Agree with you. Absolutely. But...If the page is ranking good in SERP but not giving the result, why not let this other page rank for any other keyword and Homepage do the business. Why not?
  • Stockbridge Truslow: If the home page actually IS more relevant to the search term - then you need to figure out why it thinks the other one is. If it`s not and you just want traffic on the home page rather than this awesome landing page that is getting a #1 result in the SERPs, then I`d ask you "Why the home page?"

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