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Serving customers in different cities and regions

Hey, how would approach local SEO for a business located in one main location but serving customers in different cities and regions? I have tried to change serving area for HQ, but it looks weird on the map. What is the best practice for SEO? This business has a small office in other cities/region served. Shall create another location for same business and mark as a serving area? Thanks.

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  • Dominik Mikula: Just did this for a client. Just made new pages on the site for that region/location. Simple as that. Even the sitewide footer doesn`t change and has the original HQ address.
  • Donatas Simkus: Yes, pages its fine. It think I have not made it clear. I mean on my business for Google under location
  • Dominik Mikula: You mean Google My Business?
  • Donatas Simkus: But this business actually has a small office in each location. That should be fine as a new location, right?
  • Donatas Simkus: What if it`s shareable office space between other business?
  • Donatas Simkus: Thanks for this. It`s a legit business with legit location but currently just a few people working there as the business slowly expanding.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Use schema for the info for each branch.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Here:http://schema.org/LocalBusinessLook at branchOf http://schema.org/branchOf...Lihat Lainnya

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