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Optimizing page with anchor text strategy

Anchor Text profile question. Lets say we`re optimizing page and doing this anchor text strategy: exact match 20%, lsi 20%, 60% naked urls, generic anchors and similar stuff. Do you think that its true that i would need strongest backlinks (exact topic websites, big news websites) for exatch match, little bit weaker for lsi (small news websites, topic related forums), and weakest backlinks for generic, naked urls anchors (pbn`s, comments)? I know that all backlinks should be generated by quality, not quantity. Bet lets say we have limited budget and need best possible results. In this case, what is your opinion about my strategy?

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  • Michael Martinez: You really should think about earning links rather than engineering them. You just described a pattern that could be easily detected by algorithms.
  • Adam John Humphreys: Your ratio of exact match is wicked high and unatural. Even in the event someone did have high percentage of followed links the keywords would vary and not necessarily be exact match via image link etc. Contextual links are highly beneficial when coming from a relevant source and not just some garbage random site. Focus on being a site of value and the links will fly in. Help A Reporter Out is among the places to get a site beefed up fast.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Any strategy that involves a formulaic approach based on counts or percentages is destined to be vulnerable to detection for artificial patterns. Roll the dice knowing the risk is on your shoulders.
  • Roger Montti: I wrote this article about Anchor Text last week. It may give you ideas about what`s involved with anchor text and the proper use of it. https://www.searchenginejournal.com/anchor-text/250025/

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