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This is more a question regarding the general approach to ALT Text

Hello all. This is more a question regarding the general approach to ALT Text, but I`ve included an example here.

What ALT Text would you use in the following scenario?

Brand/Company: accurIT Presence

Keyword Phrase: online presence guide for small business

H1: Online Presence Guide for Small Business

H2: Brand Research

image is inserted here

Appreciate ya!

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • JL Faverio: What`s the question?
  • Yuliana Kronrod: I would describe the image for accessibility so that people who can’t see it are able to understand both what’s on the image and what idea, concept, or message is behind it - which potentially gives some freedom to incorporate the company’s product or value prop.
  • David Schäfer: Looks like a cigarette to me..
  • Mounir Roukky: You should describe the image as it is for users who can`t see it because of slow internet or slow server load. And by the way, it should contain your page keyword.
  • Neeraj Kumar: What am I missing here? First I would see what this image is and then decide an alt tag accordingly. Will insert the keyword only if the image somehow relate to it.
  • Dan Thies: If you mean the background image, alt=“” is probably sufficient. Either leave it empty so screen readers know to skip it, or just say what the image is.
  • Kristine Schachinger: Alt text should be empty if the image is decorative. A simple description if meaningful, but no text in the image. Exactly what the image says if there are words. Do not kw stuff alt text.
  • Kristine Schachinger: .Here are the guidelines https://webaim.org/techniques/alttext/

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