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My page bounce rate is very high

I need someone help or guide me My one page website bounce rate is very high and I want to reduce. Currently my website bounce rate near by 95% above. My website link http://savionsoftech.com
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  • Dave Elliott: errr of course it is. A bounce is coming to your site and then leaving without visiting another page. If you have no other page to visit then everyone is going to bounce. My questions is what is the 5% visiting?
  • Michael Martinez: Bounce rate really doesn`t mean anything. People bounce from good sites and great content all day long. But as Dave Elliott points out, on a 1-page site where do you want people to go next?
  • Dave Elliott: for you, average session length is going to give you a much better idea of if people are consuming content or just running away than bounce rate. I`d also look into triggering events from your nav menu and on-page internal links and possible even scroll depth(or element visibility), almost certainly will need to learn lots of Google Tag manager stuff for that though. One page sites with anchors aren`t the easiest things to track.
  • Neil Cheesman: Maybe get someone who knows and understands the English language to write some GOOD content for you... #justsaying "Savion softwares & Technologies established itself with an solution to build an illustrious brand in the field of Application Development by building a team of capable man power and delivering successful solutions to its clients within interval. Being a pioneer company in all the services like Web development, Mobile Application, iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5 Web design, Digital Marketing and much more our desire is to develop some of the exclusive superior range of services which deign them to realize their business target. We are decidedly concerned about the progress of our clients. We pursue the AGILE Methodology which characterize our leading position in today’s overall world. It ensures integration of our tasks in minimal time without compromising a bit from the character provided by us"

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