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Thin Content


I need your guidance, I have a WP themes related website. I want to write a maximum of 500 words for each theme. so each page will have 500 words and I am confused that may it will consider as thin content. Please advise.


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  • Dave Elliott: Can you adequately describe the features and style of the theme in 500 words? If yes then it doesn`t matter. If you can do it in less it wouldn`t matter. If it`s a theme page I`d concentrate on making sure it looks balanced and professional so users can imagine thier website using the theme rather than focusing on the content length. Conversions are more important for a page like that.
  • Mal Ö Tonge: 500 words on each page is not considered as thin content. The question should be, "Would your pages rank high in SERPS with 500 words on each page" That requires research of the niche and your competitors. Search your keywords and phrases in Google and check your competitors. Always try to do more than your competitors and make better quality content.

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