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Is it a good idea to use GTM for structured data?

is it a good idea to use GTM for structured data? Thanks in advance

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  • Benj Arriola: Never thought of doing that but if it is the JSON-LD format, I can see how it will be easy to implement on a few pages without touching the code of the site.

    However if you want to implement this for a very large site, with hundred thousand to million
    s of pages, that would be very difficult to implement via GTM alone. I suggest working on it server side scripting instead, integrating it with the CMS database to see how all of the structured data be implemented in all pages using backend code.
  • Abindra Raj Dangol: Thanks for your help. I was just wondering if it has negative impact even for the few pages. :)
  • Andrew Simpson: Light reading, I hope this helps....
  • Richard Hearne: Bear in mind that anything that requires JS to render into page will take longer to be extracted and indexed on Google`s side, and is less likely to be updated in a timely way. If your strucutured data is set-it and forget-it then this should be OK, but if it is dynamic you might be best off rendering to the served HTML.

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