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Publish the product detail as it is or do I need to edit it first?

What`s your input about copying a manufactures copy (verbatim or with minimal edits) and placing it on your ecommerce product page?

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  • Micah Fisher-Kirshner: Fine, just be sure there`s more than just that to the page, otherwise there`s no real value add compared to others
  • JL Faverio: True. I just want to ensure the product info is correct, hence grabbing it straight from the manufacturer.
  • Andrew Raines: i would question this approach, you need to add value and not duplicate original content. Sure your shop and 100+ shops will do this, but what make your product page better seo quality (in google`s mind)? You may lose out due to duplicate content.

    edit* i just read the other comments stating the same
  • Scott Clark: Extremely common, but extremely ineffective from an SEO point of view. Google is likely to exclude your site in favor of the manufacturer`s site. If SEO is the goal, consider how you can improve the information they provided, rewrite it to be better. One cool way to do this is to convert their information into Q/A.
  • Marty Marion: , yes, this! In ecom it is very common for etailers who sell multiple brands to get the brand content from the manufacturer. This is pretty much worthless for SEO. What we`ve done is to book-end the provided content with a para on the front and a para on the end with unique content and the crucial LSI keywords.
  • Jeff Ferguson: Yeah, don’t do that.
  • Richard Hearne: Look to augment in some way. Sometimes it`s just a matter of the presentation layer doing a better job than others (e.g. un-hiding content behind tabs/carousels), other times processing the data to create something new. But, from an SEO-perspective at least, you`re going to get limited ROI from simply replicating everything coming out of a feed IMO.
  • Tim Capper: Most people do this, but try and add value where possible.
  • JL Faverio: Will do!
  • David Ogletree: I have a client that does it but they did it so long ago their content is different than the manufacture now since the manufacture updated their content. This site ranks very very well. They beat the manufacturer for a lot of terms as well as Amazon and Walmart. They all sell the same thing.

    I don’t do their SEO. They could do a lot better. They are rocking it with horrible SEO. I do their PPC
  • David Sayce: Has always been popular with large B2B sites. Used to see the suppliers images and text just copied over. Best to add value where you can, add, amend or redo the text

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