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Ciitations for multiple locations without getting duplicates

What things should be considered for using multiple locations?

I’m using WordPress with Yoast.
Can I use one service page for both location?
Also how to do the citations for multiple locations without getting duplicates? For GMB I think it’s location grouping. What about others?

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  • Tim Capper: So the first question is - are you actually in those locations ?

    If you are actually located in those areas, then have a location section with location pages inside.

    Each location has its own page and this is what GMB listing should link to.

    If you are not located in these areas and service these area - you can still create service / location pages - however I would not go overboard on producing hundreds as you need to think about making theses pages unique and useful to the user.

    These would not have GMB page as they are not eligible.

    Building citations for actual location pages would not create duplicates because the address, tel number and url destination should be for that location.
  • Zawar Kamal: As for your question about having actual locations, yes we had one location previously and now we’ve opened another branch in another location.

    1) What kind of URL should I use for location pages?

    2) Do I have to create separate service pages for second location or I can just optimize the articles to rank in both locations?

    I don’t know what else to ask. Can you please recommend a checklist?
  • Zawar Kamal: I have a concern about this line: Each location has its own page and this is what GMB listing should link to.

    Can`t I link my main website to all of the GMB? As for example Mcdonalds have a lot of branches and on GMB they use the website link instead of location page?

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