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Google is not recognizing my brand

Hi there. I have a really big issue with my SEO. I own a company called Airhosted in Switzerland. For some reason whenever someone just googles for the company name, results for "airhostess" show up instead of us. It says on top this message (also see screenshot):
"Showing results for "air hostess"
"Search instead for airhosted"
If I click on the below (search instead for airhosted) it finds my company directly.
It is really strange as we perform really well for other search terms such as airbnb management service etc. (our provided service). Would be REAAALY glad if someone can point me to a direction on how to fix it.

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  • George G.: You need citations so google will associate your brand with the search.

    Have you claimed your GMB?

    Have you claimed all your social profiles and pointed them to your site?

    Also a few press releases would not hurt.
  • Dan Bell: Brand search volume?? What`s it like in Search Console in comparison with other search terms. Generate a brand and this should naturally flip
  • Lukas Wartmann: What do you mean by GMB? We are a registered company and we have some press releases.
    We had 111 search queries with the terms "airhosted" in the past 3 months.
  • Dan Bell: when compared to the terms that you say you rank well for, what`s the split of `brand` and non-brand on a % basis
  • Lukas Wartmann: the ones where we rank well are way below. there we have between 2-4 visitors compared to 111 that went directly for airhosted
  • George G.: Gmb = google my businness page. Also, how many citaios do you have? Are you listed in all the major niche and busonss directories?
  • Lukas Wartmann: Yes I am on GMB and yes we are listed on some. Also we had 2 press releases about our company and are mentioned in 3-4 blog articles. Also we are on Linkedin and FB
  • Lukas Wartmann: Here you can see how we rank for certain terms. It also shows airhosted here at top position, but that is as google looks there most likely for the correct term and does not auto correct it into "air hostess"
  • George G.: not on a pc now but i ll send you your real rankings from ahrefs later.

    Also, you need more than a few. You need more citations and claim other social properties like pinterest, instagram, tumblr etc
  • Lukas Wartmann: Ok thank you!
  • Michael Martinez: There is no "fix". You have to wait for Google to learn that "airhosted" is a real term. They`ll figure it out over time as people click on the "Show results for airhosted instead" link. And you don`t have "real rankings" that some SEO tool can show you. The rankings change by location, time, and device. The best you can do is get average positions from Google Search Console.

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