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Google is not recognizing my domain name

I`m working on a website and even if you type the domain name in you can`t seem to get it to display. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Do I need to submit to Google or something?

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  • Daniel Fonda: We would need more info than that. Whats your domain name?
  • Daniel Fonda: Hmm I`m not that familiar with shopify, but have you checked your robots file? Might be something in there
  • Jim Munro: I would replace your robots.txt with a simple disallow nothing. You don`t save much by excluding robots and it`s easy to make a mistake with such a large file.
  • Jobin John: Check if the sitemap is submitted to search console. Also, check the robots.txt file to ensure you have not blocked googlebots. If its, WordPress, go to Settings>>Reading>> Search Engine Visibility (Make sure that`s unchecked). Lastly, if its a new site and you have done all of the above, it could be that its still in the sandbox period, so you just need to wait it out and in the meantime create some social media pages and some directory profiles.
  • Michael Martinez: You have a "robots" meta tag with a "noindex, nofollow" directive on the root page. Just remove that from every page you want indexed and you should be okay.
  • Tara Robertson: thank you! Would say this is what it is

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