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Removing all current GMB photos

Dumb local GMB question: client wants to remove all of his current GMB photos and upload new ones. His current photos have thousands of views, some upvotes. He currently ranks 1st for his geo area so I`m hesitant to remove anything he has going on in gmb. Any thoughts on if this would be a bad idea?

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  • Michael Stricker: Phase them in, over time... better to have a history of ongoing activity, than a brief spurt once a year. Stack the deck by promoting the new photos to see if users will engage in a genuine, unguided way. Get some of those images from users with history of reviews, comments and uploads.
  • Tyler Marrin: Thank you for the advice, this is what we`ll do 👍
  • Perry Bernard: Good advice.
  • Tim Capper: I second that advice

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