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Domain and Canonical

Hi guys,

New to the group, was looking for some advice on the following, any help would really be appreciated

- I have a wine tour company, we are opening a cellar door/winery to compliment this.

- The purpose of the cellar door/winery is to make the wine tour business stronger, one part of this is from an SEO perspective by gaining local links that a wine tour business can`t access (e.g. local hotels)

- I want to know if I can gain strength for both sites via a canonical link tag

Below are the 2 domains I`m proposing:

Current wine tour site: winecompass.com.au
Future cellar door/winery site: happyhomeyv.com.au

My question is this, in order to pass maximum value between the sites via:
- Already strong rankings for winecompass.com.au

- Ability to gain lots of local links for happyhomeyv.com.au (which is what the tour business is lacking)

Would it beneficial to have the happyhomeyv.com.au domain with a canonical link to a folder on the winecompass.com.au domain like below:

This page: https://www.happyhomeyv.com.au/contact/

Would have this canonical tag:
https://www.winecompass.com.au/happyhomeyv/contact/" />

With the entire happyhomeyv.com.au site replicated under the folder on the main site:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, let me know if you need any further explanation


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  • Michael Martinez: That is not really what canonicals are intended for. Just interlink the two sites via main navigation. You have a legitimate business reason to do so. That will be less complicated and confusing. It is okay to link two sibling sites together.

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