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Increasing the authority for the overall brand

Does anyone know of a good article or resource of some kind that breaks down the best way to tackle one website with multiple entities? I want to dig into how to bet optimize for each one individually while still increasing authority for the overall brand.

I`ve never dealt with one website for one business with multiple entities, all at the same location. It`s a unique challenge - they have one large, well-known brand, primarily known for one "entity" that uses their brand name, but they also have a ton of different restaurants (all at the same location), theaters and entertainment venues, and much more. Their goal is to rank for umbrella phrases like "(City) Entertainment Destination" because of all they have to offer, but I think they need to increase the visibility of all of the other individual stuff like their restaurant, concerts etc. Not to mention all of the unique SERP features we could be optimizing for individually for restaurants, hotel, event, etc.

They have a huge site but primarily only rank for one thing, mainly due to brand recognition and not a ton of awareness about everything else they have to offer. I want to optimize specifically for the other entities without diluting the whole "entertainment destination because of a, b, c, d, e, etc" thing.

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  • Stockbridge Truslow: Build up your structured data with a good mapping of the various entities. https://schema.org/OrganizationMake use of "parentOrganization" and "subOrgamization" to build your tree. You can attach "areaServed" data to each entity to help control that, too. And you may be able to make use of the "brand" field as well. It`s hard to get more specific without all the details and a few hours to map everything out, but... structured data is your friend, here.
  • Cassy Richardson: Thank you!
  • Cassy Richardson: Just wanted to circle back to this to see if anyone knew of any Google articles or resources involving this. Cindy Krum`s entity-first index articles have been super thought-provoking. I`m just curious on the best way to optimize individually while still boosting their overall Brand`s visibility as an entertainment destination. I don`t want to dilute our efforts or confuse Google, so I`m not sure if it`s best to strictly optimize for each entity individually, and assume (such a dangerous thing in SEO!) that brand recognition for everything will come in time. I`m leaning towards focusing on optimizing optimizing individually since their brand name is so closely tied and associated with one particularly entity that they want to distance themselves from....
  • Cassy Richardson: Related to this, I have an agency that offers individual professional services, but doesn`t like to attract clients only interested in one. They shy away from distinct specializations, and want to be known as an "overall solution" meeting all needs of their clients. They restructured their website last year and apparently removed the individual service pages in favor of one "approach" page that talks about everything they do. One of the ways they qualify traffic/prospects (on-site and I guess offline as well) is whether the prospect is interested in the agency as a partner that can help with X, Y and Z versus just wanting one service. To me, the two situations are similar. In order to rank for the large goal of "complete entertainment destination with A, B, C, D, E etc" or "full-service ____ agency that can offer A, B, C, D, E, etc", you need to make sure you communicate to Google (and users) that you have/offer all of the above. The latter is unique bc we arent dealing with multiple entities, and the agency would possibly turn away someone ONLY interested in B, while the entertainment client would not. For the agency, how does one try to communicate to Google that they do everything, but don`t want to rank for just A or B? Is there any way, or should you just optimize for all individually and do your best job to communicate to prospects what else they may need, if applicable.IDK if my approach is rabbit-holey or valid šŸ¤·
  • Stockbridge Truslow: For the "Here are a list of things we do" scenario - use the <section> tag around each service. https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_section.aspThis will give Google an indication that they are all related (each is a service being offered) but that theā€¦Lihat Lainnya

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