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Mobile and Desktop Site Query

Mobile and Desktop Site Query

So I have a client that has developed a stripped down mobile version of their site. It`s very minor minimal and only contains the basic information needed. Its an m. Subdomain so I have advised in the rel="alternate" tag etc to point to mobile and desktop pages that co-exist. However, what is best practice for those pages that simply don`t exist on mobile?

The main site will be repsonsive, but if someone enters a link via an email for example and it goes to a desktop page, how do they go back there if they go to the site again at a later stage and are automatically redoevito the mobile site?

Do I just advise on implementing a pop-up asking if they want to visit either mobile or desktop?

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  • Dave Elliott: if the site is only being linked to via emails i`d be very tempted to no-index the entire thing. I wouldn`t want it competing against the main responsive site in the SERPs.
  • Martin McGuire: Good point actually. On that, id set up a separate search console property for this then?
  • Michael Martinez: If the main site is responsive there is no need for a separate mobile site.
  • Martin McGuire: I mentioned this at the start. It`s a corporate site and the decision was made for a number of reasons. More for foregin customers etc
  • Michael Martinez: Martin McGuire As far as the search engines are concerned, you`re creating a canonical obstruction. They may figure it out. As far as the users are concerned, you should not redirect them if you want them to have the freedom to choose which page they want to see. In my experience most sites that offer two versions of a page include links in the navigation (usually at the bottom of the page, but I am not saying that is user-friendly) allowing visitors to switch between variations. Popups just create another bad user experience.
  • Martin McGuire: Thanks Michael. 👍

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