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Keywords Competition and Social Signals

Hi All, In GSC I rank for about 80 kw but they are worth nothing. My questions are how do I find the keywords my competitors are ranking for and what kw search tool can I use for free to understand how to find the perfect kw. I`ve looked into KWfinder but it only allows 3 searches per day. The site that I`m working on has a DA of 27 and PA of 33. Are these calculation average numbers?

Thru this and other groups, I gather that in order to surpass the competition is to follow what they`ve done. So correct me if I`m wrong in succeeding. 1st find KWS, 2nd write good contents and 3rd follow backlinks.

Also, I was reading somewhere about Social Signals. Should I order a gig that provides the social signal now or after I do the kws? TYIA

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  • Michael Martinez: Ignore SEO metrics like domain authority and trustflow. Do not worry about competitor keywords. Focus on the data you can generate for yourself. Experiment with topics and you will find keywords. Even if you could open the hood and look under the engine your site is not ready to take keywords away from established sites.
  • Anthony Cioci: Question for you Michael, This site has no blog. Can I achieve results without a blog?
  • Michael Martinez: Sure. But each site is different. What does the site do? I am sure people here would be glad to offer suggestions and tips.
  • Perry Bernard: Think about keywords from a common sense perspective, get a professional to start AdWords for you to test your assumptions about keywords, and then when you have discovered which ones drive conversion, use those in your SEO efforts. Never assume that what someone else ranks for in your industry is the right keyword for you.The worst thing you can do is invest a year of time and effort on SEO for keywords that win you rank but don`t convert.

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