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How do I change the pages that show on the search snippet?

Hey all, how do I change the pages that show on the search snippet for my website? It`s a branded keyword leading straight to my site, and it`s showing irrelevant pages such as Careers or outdated product pages, instead of Products, Blog, Case Studies etc.

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  • Dave Elliott: You can`t :( . That said decent breadcrumbs(with schema data) and a decent site structure should enable Google to show the correct pages.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: There seems to be some sort of penchant RankBrain has for certain search terms toward producing career type results. For these affected terms, RankBrain has decided that people who search for that term are equally or more likely to be seeking a job in that industry than they are looking to purchase or hire a company in that industry. For sites we have in these niches, the career page always seems to be on the list. For products showing up - we have a few sites like that - though it does pick up the pages we want as well (about, contact, services overview, shop home page, etc). The products that show up tend to be the ones that most people are searching for when they search for specific things - so they are the most in demand products. For your other things not showing up which should be - look at how your site is structured and make sure you`re using breadcrumbs which are in a <breadcrumb> tag with associated markup. (If your theme doesn`t support that - use Yoast, or BreadCrumb NavXT or something like that.) That should help - but if the site isn`t structured properly, it might not get it exactly right.
  • Becky Westmoreland: I wouldn`t call it RankBrain specifically as this has been going on since the snippets were added. Keep in mind that what Google determines as important is based on what YOU think is important on your site. And what you think is important are the primary links (navigation and other internal linking signals). If you hide your important pages deeper in, then neither you nor Google are valuing those pages.

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