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Penguin 3.

Anybody noticing major changes because of Penguin 3.0? Which sites are being hit in particular? ?
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  • Aaron Bohlman: Anybody noticing major changes because of Penguin 3.0? Which sites are being hit in particular? ;
  • Peter K. Lam: I've had traffic decline in both paid and organic search for nearly two weeks now. I don't know if it's Penguin but it probably is. Not sure what else it could've been. My site doesn't have a whole lot of bad spammy links to my domain.
  • Ashley Stirling: Panda 4.1 most likely, sounds like a content issue.
  • Blade S: +Peter K. Lam
    Or maybe some of the sites that link to you got hit and they've lost authority. If they lose authority, your backlinks lose power, therefore you lose some authority yourself.
  • Jonnakuti Sriramya: Penguin 3.0 targets both Onpage and Off page spamming..
    I have seen drastic drops in Rankings.. Could any one suggest me how to identify bad inbound liks to my site? Is there any tool that help me out? So i can remove those links to recover my site from penguin hit
  • Aaron Bohlman: It's a very good point about the backlinks losing their authority, although if you have links from high quality sites you wouldn't expect them to be hit by this latest updates. If anyone knows any tools for identifying toxic links that would be useful, I use majestic backlink analyzer currently but this doesn't comment on the quality of links. I manage 13 sites and only one took a major hit, still trying to work out why that site in particular was affected though. ;
  • Blade S: Sometimes the big sites are more exposed to penalties because they receive a huge amount of backlinks from all over the place: blogs, forums, etc. But most of them perform link building audits often, so yeah, most of them should be fine.

    I only know one tool that can help you identify toxic backlinks - linkrisk(dot)com. I never tried it or something, just heard other people recommending it.

    I prefer to manually check my backlinks because it's safer. Tools like that could sometimes get it wrong and you can lose important backlinks. But since you say that you have to monitor 13 sites... that can take a lot of time, indeed.

    In the future, use a tool like barracuda-digital(dot)co(dot)uk/panguin-tool/, so you can see what happens with your sites on Google updates. It's really helpful and easy to use.

    I think it's called Panguin (with an "a") tool from Panda + Penguin :P
  • Aaron Bohlman: Thanks a lot for your help, that's really useful!
  • Blade S: You're welcome! Glad to help!
  • Peter K. Lam: Thanks guys! 
  • Blade S: +Peter K. Lam
    You're welcome!
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