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Looking to learn how to speed up wordpress websites

Looking to learn how to speed up wordpress websites.
At the moment I use WP rocket, which is a hit and miss, but looking to learn a better way than just using plugins for everything.
Any recommendations?
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  • Michael Martinez: Every site is different, of course, so you need to keep that in mind. Some things to consider:

    1. Change to a "lighter" theme (not necessarily as indicated by theme name or description - test them).

    2. Use fewer images.

    3. Embed fewer videos or Javascript widgets.

    4. Switch editor (you`ll find opinions favor both Gutenberg and the Classic editor).

    5. Switch to default font classes (no Google fonts).

    6. Upgrade your hosting.

    7. Switch from HDD (hard disk drive) to SSD (solid state drive) storage.

    8. Use a firewall to curb bot activity.

    9. Stop crawling your site (you can export all the URLs from inside the database and do other analysis without crawling it).

    Also, understand that while Google is beating its drums about page speed, improving it has minimal impact on most sites` rankings. Some sites will see improvement in the search results as a direct result of speeding up their performance. For many sites, any SEO benefit is more indirect as people enjoy a better browsing experience and become more likely to link to or recommend a site to others.

    The tools Google created to help you measure Website performance use a "worst-case scenario" perspective, emulating poor Internet connections. So they`re not telling you "everyone who visits your site is having a bad experience." They`re simply asking you to improve things for the people who do have a bad experience.

    The larger your site is, the longer it will take for the search engines to recrawl and reassess your page performance.

    Core Web Vitals needs at least a month to update all its signals. If your traffic is seasonal or if you lose significant traffic then it could take longer for your CWV data to return, as they incorporate the Chrome User Experience data that is collected in the wild.

  • Crystal Chance: It`s a step in the right direction. Try to check on stuffs like hosting, cdn, image compression, and also pick lighter plugins

  • Christine Hansen: Michael Martinez Very nice list

  • Tim Capper: This

  • Richard Hearne: If you`re not technical - Cloudflare. Stick Cloudflare in front of your site, and then turn on the various optimisations they provide out-of-the-box. It will surely speed things up.

  • Buth Main: First, why do you need to speed up WP sites? 1) Hosting.2) Theme.3) JS code.In other words to speed up a WP site, you have to design a fast site. Minimize JS code, requests, simple design, no functionality, using a few plugins.


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