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Keyword Golden Ratio

Hi guys, need help I`m having a brain f*rt. I`m currently working on my KGR keywords for an item and I have a lot of Allintitle search results of between 8-10, and google monthly search volume of 50, which, when I use the formula gives me a KGR of .20 for allintitle of 10 and KGR of .16 for allintitle of 8.
Soooo. my question is what is better, the KGR of .20 (allintitle 10 and search vol 50) or KGR of 16 (allintitle 8 and search vol 50)
My brain can`t think straight atm lol.
Also has anyone had any success with the KGR method? would love to hear of others results or if I am wasting my time here.
Cheers in advance!
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  • Michael Martinez: KGR = Keyword Golden Ratio, for those who are unfamiliar with the concept.

    It`s a method used to pick supposedly low-competition queries to target.

    I have no opinion on the usefulness of this methodology and cannot recommend any specific ranges for you.

  • Caren Ellen Sutherland: I just wanted to add that I have been working on my main SEO compliance and I am not just relying on the keyword structure. I have optimized my H1 tags, description matching title etc, etc. and I am just working on my keyword structure as an addition, so I understand that keywords may be irrelevant to google, but some sites like Bing may still use them, so I see it as maybe worthwhile as an additional item.


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