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How do I avoid competing against myself?

I am new to SEO and wondered if someone could help me:
I am working on a website for a company that operates in two counties.
I want to create service pages for each county. Firstly I will create all services pages for one county. So for example if it was window cleaner and window painter services for Norfolk and Suffolk.
What about the main navigation bare that links to window cleaning and window painting? I assume this would be another general page, listing all locations and describing the service which could then link to the location specific service pages.
But how do I avoid competing against myself for these location specific service pages where the main service page also has the locations in the text body as keywords. Also, for example, if I am aiming for the keyword `window cleaning Norfolk` for the Norfolk specific page, but the `window cleaning` keyword for the genetic page. Would those searching for `window cleaning` in the Norfolk region not then be given both results? Thus competing with eachother? Especially if there are limited terms used in the industry. In this example, I was thinking it would be best to scrap either the main service page or the Norfolk specific page, but then what about if I want to bring Suffolk specific pages into the mix?
I hope I have explained this well and look forward to your answers.
TIA, Dan
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  • Christine Hansen: Besides the same text running through all county pages, you could look at county-specific content, like: - A photo that clearly shows a known place clients in that area instantly relates to- County and area mentions in the content (perhaps emphasizing on areas the company wants more clients from)- Outlining typical client(s), perhaps emphasizing specific services (that the company wants more of in that area)- Client testimonials from that specific county- Photos of jobs done (various types of clients from various areas within the county)- Google map of that specific county

  • Daniel Wood: Christine Hansen thanks a lot for your reply, that makes sense. But what about the main service page that the navigation bar links to, that isn`t location specific? When, for example, someone searches for `window cleaning` while in the Norfolk area, will this main page then be competing with/interfer with my location specific page w/ keyword `window cleaning Norfolk`?

  • Christine Hansen: Daniel Wood Each page is actually a landing page. If someone is looking for window cleaning in Norfolk and you have that page, eg. "window-cleaning-norfolk", you would (if competition is not too stiff) get included in their SERP - They might even get two choices, your main page or you main service page. You are worrying way too much about something that does not exist. And especially not in your case - largely it really doesn`t matter what page of your site they land on because your site`s number of pages is fairly small and you have built an easy-to-understand menu at the top of your site (this compared to hundreds of pages of an ecom site with lots of clusters and subclusters).

  • Christine Hansen: Daniel Wood With the list above you can make each page unique for the county if you are too worried about what Google would represent in SERP. But... I would include the list of county-specific content solely for marketing and client service purposes and not because of Google. Hopefully, each client would `feel at home` with my county-specific content.

  • Daniel Wood: Christine Hansen thanks a lot for taking the time to answer this. I really appreciate it. I have done some limited reading on keyword cannabilsation, would this not apply to this scenario? Or does it not apply because it would only be 2 pages potentially with this issue?

  • Christine Hansen: Daniel Wood Cannibalism does not exist - if it did, all pages would conflict/get eaten up by the use of the word "the".


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