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How do you use google search console to improve SEO?

How do you use google search console to improve SEO?
What reports in there are important to observe to see that everything is in tact?
How do I see that the site map is defined in an optimal way?

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  • Lisa Brown: For your sitemap, submit them to GSC then you`ll be able to see the status of each, how many pages are indexed, if there are errors, etc. From there you can use the Index coverage report, start with errors and warnings and address those issues on your site then work your way through the excluded report sections. The reports are grouped by the reason there`s a issue, what you see there varies according to site. You can use the URL inspector on the URLs to get more information on individual URLs.
  • Rami Moscovich: Thanks a lot! That`s a lot to take in 😊
  • Rami Moscovich: BTW Do you use the new console or the old one?
  • Lisa Brown: You`re welcome. I use both.
  • Scott Clark: One very lightly used method of doing SEO with this tool is to look at the appearance in search section carefully. Look at the queries for which your site is showing in Google, not just clicks, using the impressions metric. And then compare those queries to the ones that you`re targeting or those that help you make money. If there`s a great disparity between the two lists then you`re very likely to need to make changes in your content or the focus of your website generally. This makes a very big difference

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