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Changing page title on load with javascript


I had a question regarding changes to the page title.

This is the way one of my pages is set up:

1. Initial page load
2. Immediate AJAX call to retrieve more data
3. Page title changed according to results from AJAX data

When the page is first loaded, the title is something like "Placeholder Title".

When the page is loaded, an AJAX call is performed, and the title is changed to a real title.

Does Google take into account changes to the title due to JavaScript? Or is the initial page title the only thing Google looks at?

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  • Federico Sasso: Google is increasingly better in processing js loaded content, acting as a "headless browser".Some caveats:- it`s not always perfect, js is an additional potential point of break (e.g. failure to load the script would result in dynamic data non being processed);- according to experimental testing it stops waiting/processing scripts after about 5 seconds after initial load;- indexing of the processed resources might take much longer than for usual HTML resources not relying on scriptsNote: if you are referring to the old "Ajax scheme" based on the fragment convention, it`s deprecated, but I believe it to still work at the moment. I wouldn`t rely on it for long, though.

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