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Impression and visit drop while avgerage position stay stable

Recently I found a lot of people compaining about their impression and visit drop while avg. position stay stable. I am wondering in what circumstance this can logically happen?

All I can think about is all the high volune keyowords` are compleletely removed from the index leaving those low volume ones with stable position. Is there any possible explanation ?

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  • Maria Patterson: One part of an explanation would be that Google is changing the landscape of the SERPs with other features above the fold pushing the classic organic results further down e.g. Quick Answers
  • Jay Lo: Good point, so features are not counted as impressions?
  • Jay Lo: But I just check Google`s official guide, it seems that feature do be counted:Featured snippet…Lihat Lainnya
  • Maria Patterson: A quick answer would be counted as an impression if it was your site that owned that space
  • Michael Martinez: The trouble with using aggregated metrics is that the more data you aggregate the less accurate any explanations tend to be. If you`re pulling "average position" for 90 days, that is very different from 90 consecutive daya` "average position". I always advise people to do the tedious thing and pull each day`s data separately. Also, you can pull query-by-page data from Google Search Console. While you`re still seeing aggregated data, it`s less aggregated than just looking at either Query or Page average positions. In other words, narrow the beam as much as possible and store as much historical data as possible so that you can really see what is happening with your site in the SERPs over time. Each day will be different.

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