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Can I generate backlinks by posting on any type website?

Greetings from Jenny,

Can I generate backlinks by posting on any type / niche of - website / blogs, or backlinks should be only through similar niche sites / blogs?

For example, I have a blog on Pharma Sector. Can I generate Backlinks by commenting on any website / blogs? It be Travel, Tourism, Money Making, Coal, IT, Technology etc.?
I should generate by commenting only on Pharma Sector related websites and blogs?

Please suggest.

Jenny Kelly

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  • Lyndon NA: Is this not the 8th time you`ve asked this across various groups?Is there not numerous articles/guides/posts/videos etc. covering this?Technically - a link is a link is a link - so long as G can see the content, see the link and follow it, then it is meant to count.Ideally - you should have links from a piece of text/page/site that is somehow relevant to the content/page/site being linked to.It is more probable ("natural") to have a number of links from topically similar pages/sites than from completely unrelated pages/sites, but a small number won`t kill you.As for comment-links ... I really wouldn`t hold your breath.Plenty of comment systems automatically nofollow such links.Further, G seems able to identify that sort of link, and they may not all provide the sort of value you would expect.For all the time/effort/money you spend spamming out comments with links ... you could probably use to generate a few pieces of good content, or to locate viable social networks/groups/people to interact with and that may promote your content via Social, or to find a good, honest/legitimate industry blog/article site that would accept some quality content and may even provide a link.Remember - you don`t really want "self made" links.What you really want is "natural" links - as they have a tendency to reproduce over time, where as spam links don`t generally lead to traffic or additional links.
  • Living Gratitude: +Lyndon NA Hey thanks a lot for your kind response.Also, I`ve been trying to ask this question in a few groups, however, haven`t heard anything from anyone.I got a number of likes (1d) on my posts but no comments at all.That`s what made me ask again.I`m sorry for that. But I won`t post this again, as I got the answer.Thanks a lot...
  • Lyndon NA: +Living Gratitude - well, now you know, if you have a question - someone here will likely be able to help :D
  • Living Gratitude: +Lyndon NA Yes, Thanks πŸ˜†And one more thing if you please don`t mind me asking:Is there any Book or Video available, that you can refer, that`ll help me to learn SEO? I need to learn SEO and seeking a Book or a Video Course please.I would highly appreciate your kind help.Thanks, Jenny
  • Lyndon NA: SEO is a questionable study - mainly because of the huge amount of garbage out there.If you`re a purist - SEO is simple.It`s on-page html element usage, page load speeds etc., and finding ways to promote your content.If you`re not a purist - then SEO will include learning things like Conversion Rate Optimisation, Online Reputation Management etc. as well.HOnestly - the best thing you can do is learn to learn about your target audience.Who are they, what are they after, why are they after it, how do they want it.Then research words/terms/phrases that suit, and make sure the are in the content you create to satisfy the user.Then it`s technical bits like page load speed etc. (but most SEO`s can`t do HTML, let alone Server Scripts or Setup) - so that`s hard work.Then it boils down to Promotion (the link side of things!). You should learn to find where your audience goes, which sites accept content etc.The trick is to not get spammy, and realise that there is no "short cut" without risk of having the whole thing disappear.If you have the skills/resources to throw up a site every 6-12 months, or run a roll of sites (new one every month, following the same spam-steps per iteration) - then you can spam your way with backups that will get caught the following month etc. - but that`s often costly, time consuming and not a good business model for most.Instead, you make a good site, with good content and promote it constantly - far less risk for your business.
  • Living Gratitude: +Lyndon NA Thank You so much for your detailed & kind response.I really appreciate your kind help.Thanks & Stay Blessed 😊

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