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GMB stacking for local map boosts?

DISCLAIMER: I am not interested in implementing this technique, as I believe it to be Grey/Black hat. I just want to understand it

Ok, so I know about domain stacking but I JUST heard about GMB stacking for local map boosts?

What is it? How is it? I assume it`s just as pointless as an effort as domain stacking/crowding. I`ve never heard of it before now and all of my Google searches ultimately lead me to a Fiverr campaign. That alone makes me not ok with it, lol. Just trying to understand it if it is a thing.

Does anyone have any insight?

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  • George G.: ok, never used it since i dont rank local, but here is my theory google loves google + you get authority from a verified GMB. if you link from one to the other, you are boosting the PR of the pages. So, when you link to the final GMB and it links to you and your social profiles, it will give you more authority than a brand new GMB.
  • Michael Martinez: All these "stacking" strategies are link whitewashing schemes and they violate Google`s Webmaster guidelines. Some people may get away with it but you should understand you`re gambling when you use these kinds of strategies.
  • Ryan Kellum: Oh, for sure. I understand these "tricks" aren`t really the way to go. I just never heard of this specific phrase before: "GMB stacking". So, I was trying to understand it, that way I`m just that much more knowledgeable. All of these shortcuts aren`t worth the hassle and possible consequence. The way I see it, you could put in the same amount of work and get better, longer lasting results.
  • Michael Martinez: Ryan Kellum It`s an age-old "link pyramid" scheme dressed up with a new name. I see these name changes every few years, usually when someone starts selling a new tool or Webinar or eBook. They never change the tactics. EVER.

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