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Assembling Title Tags, Metas, and Page Titles for my store

I am assembling Title Tags, Metas, and Page Titles for my store. My question is with regards to sizes of a product. I have a Title Tag that might read (Surya Mystique Rug - M64 - 2` x 3` in Taupe). This is what you will see on Google. Then when I am on the product page, the customer will see (Surya Floor Coverings Mystique Rug M64 in Taupe at "Company") as the Page Title.

I have a concern on the size, because if the customer lands on the product page, they will in fact see a 2x3 rug that they saw on the Title Tag, BUT the Page Title will not show the size. I had to do this, because the product page has (options) for size. So if the customer selects a different rug size, then the Page Title will always read 2x3, no matter what size they choose. I would rather not see the size for this reason. Is it okay to not have the size on the page title, for this reason? Thank you
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  • Dan Marine: Does anyone have an idea on this please? Thanks

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