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Forward domains to the main one for branding purposes

Let`s say I have a main domain xyz.com which has some high paying keywords in it but i want to acquire a couple of other domains which are not .com but have very interesting keywords associated that have thousands of searches/mo .

I want to forward those domains to the main one (for branding purposes) however to do the SEO, does Google consider the other domains as backlinks and do I need to perform SEO on each or does the response.redirect help the crawler know it`s the same...

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  • Andrea von Eugen: Unless they are the same brand, put them on differing locations, hosting and IP. That way you can own top positions on G. However if it is purely for a mega-brand, then just own them.
  • Travis Bailey: It`s almost pointless to buy domains strictly for the exact match value. And don`t get me wrong, I still think keywords in the domain matter a bit. I`m not one of those guys.But if branding is a very real concern, buy them up and 301 them, after you vet any existing backlink profile. gooogle.com is a thing, for a reason. ;)
  • Andrea von Eugen: Actually, if the domain still has links and value you can re-create it. This is only worth it if it still has value, and hasn`t been blown-off by G. Then you work on it.
  • Andrea von Eugen: some people just forget or give up on a project, but do your background check first..

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