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Mentioned or quoted brand name without a hyperlink - does it have any SEO value?

Is there any `evidence` that a website or brand name being `mentioned` or quoted without a hyperlink - has any seo value? - Brand awareness?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Radu Plugaru: If the mention is able to produce "effects” - it has SEO value.
  • Dominik Mikula: Well think about NAP
  • Mike Stewart: Exactly: partial citation value
  • Michael Martinez: I think it really depends on what you mean by "SEO value". Does it count as a link? No. But many links don`t count as links. Brand mentions across the Web may assist search engines in understanding (in their limited algorithmic capacity) that a brand name is just that, and not some random nonsense phrase. As Dominik mentions, think of the Name/Address/Phone number aspect, too. The more information that is associated with the brand name, the easier it is for the algorithms to clearly identify the brand as referring to an "entity". The secondary benefits include visibility among people who are more likely to mention or refer others to brand names they frequently encounter. It`s not all about what the search engine does.
  • David Kutcher: Unlinked brand mentions: https://moz.com/blog/panda-patent-brand-mentions
  • Michael Martinez: That patent has absolutely nothing to do with the Panda algorithm, which is not used for ranking search results. Nor does the Panda algorithm use links.
  • David Kutcher: Read the article
  • Michael Martinez: David Kutcher I did read the article, AND the patent, AND Bill`s article. That doesn`t change the fact that the patent in question had nothing to do with the 2011 algorithm.
  • David Kutcher: Additional in the same vein: https://searchengineland.com/use-brand-mentions-seo...
  • Michael Martinez: Both these articles are tying together random things through unfounded speculation. They both cite the "implied links" paragraph in the patent, which is just a patent. Google has DENIED using that kind of signal in its ranking algorithms. You`re not sharing helpful information here.
  • David Kutcher: Michael Martinez he asked "SEO value"; you`re saying ranking algorithm. Two different things.
  • Michael Martinez: David Kutcher You`re going on about "implied links", which have not been shown to be used by any active Google search crawling, indexing, or ranking algorithm. So the two different things here are that I addressed the question and you threw in random wild speculations.
  • David Kutcher: Michael Martinez perhaps reread the OP?"Is there any `evidence` that a website or brand name being `mentioned` or quoted without a hyperlink - has any seo value? - Brand awareness?"
  • Michael Martinez: David Kutcher Implied links are an SEO fantasy. Claiming they provide "SEO value" is like saying the moon is made of cheese. It was an idea thrown into the middle of a patent about RANKING SYSTEMS and there has been absolutely no indication from Google that they use implied links. They HAVE denied using them. So that`s about as relevant as this gets.
  • David Kutcher: Michael Martinez ok. Thank you for your opinion and insight.
  • Michael Martinez: Thank YOU for wasting everyone`s time with a red herring.
  • David Kutcher: And then he blocked me.
  • Casey Markee: John Mueller`s best comment on whether "unlinked brand mentions" are useful for SEO can be found in this summary here from 2015:http://www.thesempost.com/does-google-associate-unlinked.../... Lihat Lainnya
  • Benj Arriola: The most I heard and read from various Google sources is citation help the most in News results and Local results.
  • Michael Martinez: And those are both very specific types of citations, not "implied links" in the general sense.
  • Dave Elliott: We spend quite a lot of time doing link reclaimation basicly turning mentions into links and see some really good results from it. This would suggest there is very little to be gained from a mention.

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