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Does my URL need to match my product title?

I`m renaming some of the products on my site and I have a "dumb question"...I sell multiple different types of break apart chocolate bar molds. One of them I want to name "2 ounce break apart chocolate bar mold". Would it be better to call it 2 oz or 2 ounce? Also which would be better, putting the 2 ounce up front or naming it Break Apart Bar Chocolate Mold 2 oz ? Final question, does my URL need to match my product title?

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  • Stockbridge Truslow: I would say that it wouldn`t help and could possibly hurt - though I don`t know how much. en_gb and en_us are two different languages. (e.g. color and colour or aluminum and aluminium). If the content is the same, never send a mixed signal to Google. G...Lihat Lainnya
  • Vishal Gupta: Your observation.makes a lot of sense.
  • Michael Stricker: One perceived error in hreflang setup gets it all ignored, making your proposed method a waste of time.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Bigger question, based on my experience having previously managed a chocolate manufacturer: Do you have a 2 ounce mold, a 4 ounce mold, and so forth? Because that will cause bigger concern type challenges if you have a unique, dedicated page for every one and if there is a large scale volume of "near" duplicate products like that. I bring it up because I don`t know if you are aware of such considerations. Forgive me if you already are. If not, and only if you have many pages that are near duplicate), it may be best to list all of the same products on one page if the only difference is size, and where you have a drop-down option to choose how many ounces. As for sequence and semantic variation:It`s best to go with the primary portion of the phrase, where the number of ounces is not a primary aspect. Because many more people search for products without adding in the size of the product into their query. If you`re catering to an American English audience, then Oz. and Ounce are mostly interchangeable in most cases. So you can use either one in your Title, H1 and product Name. However to be sure, it`s best when in doubt, to do some research using Google Keyword Planner or the Moz keyword explorer and get actual data for each variation. In the end, if you go with Oz. in the page Title and H1 headline, then spell out ounce in the content description a couple times, you`re probably going to be able to cover all the bases though as well.
  • Ashley Brenenstuhl: Hi Alan, I love that you can relate with your past chocolate knowledge! We have about 10 different break apart bars and they are all very different in size, shape, and overall look. I have this product currently named "break apart 9 sections candy mold...Lihat Lainnya
  • Alan Bleiweiss: There are general things you can do, however how you go about it can really depend entirely on how strong the competition is, in terms of content volume on individual pages, content volume across multiple pages, total number of pages, strength of overall SEO on each site, and so forth where that is combined with the search volume for each variation you`re considering. So there`s no absolute "this is what you need to do in that situation" statement I can offer without the research needed. I would assume (again without research it`s just assuming), now that you`ve shared this insight, that "2 ounce chocolate bar mold" would get much more volume of traffic than "2-ounce break apart bar mold" or even "2-ounce break apart chocolate bar mold". If that`s true, and if you can do strong overall SEO across the site, then I would probably go with "2-ounce chocolate bar mold" as the page Title/H1 (product name) and then refer to it within content as "break apart chocolate bar mold", and "2-ounce chocolate bar mold" where both are used as long as you have enough volume of descriptive content to justify that. Adding one or the other in the Meta Description is helpful for click-through rate value, however that`s all it`s good for, since the Meta Description is not used by search engine algorithms.
  • Ashley Brenenstuhl: Great! Thank you! Last question, if I’m renaming products do I need to change the product URL each time to match?
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Ashley I would be very hesitant to change the URL itself if you`re changing product names in a way we`re discussing. While having the precise chosen product name show up in the URL can help reinforce the page Title, H1 and content, it can also disrupt, at least short term to mid-term, current ranking. So personally, I`d recommend doing all the other work, then giving that time to be fully processed and reevaluated by Google`s multi-algorithm system before considering possibly changing URLs.
  • Ashley Brenenstuhl: Alan Bleiweiss thank you!! That’s been a burning question of mine.

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