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Is it safe to get Links from Author bio section in a guest post?


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  • Michael Martinez: Google declared that to be a spammy practice some time ago, at least if the anchor text of the links is used to target keywords rather than use the author`s name. In other words, you`re probably okay if you link "michael martinez" but NOT okay if you ...Lihat Lainnya
  • Dani Lad: What If I get link to Homepage On branded anchor?
  • Michael Martinez: Dani Lad Do it once and you`re probably okay. If that becomes your linking strategy, you will eventually find yourself complaining about how Google is out to rob the world blind. Maybe they are but don`t mistake bad SEO practices for Google`s greed. Those are two different things in my book.
  • Michael Martinez: If earning links was simple and easy everyone would do that. We understand the challenge. But you either rise to the challenge or you take a big risk with your Website and (presumably) income. It`s a business decision, in the end.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: And in addition to what Michael said, the page you point to also matters. So if you have an author bio, and link that to some product sales page, that`s also a sign of spam.

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