Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 95

Thursday, July 31, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 95 Hangout On Air Video
00:02:06Review sites are publishing my original product description from my website, will that result in duplicate content?
00:02:53Should I make store live with part -duplicate content?
00:08:08Will changing prefered domain on GWMT negatively impact the URLs for the subdomain in the index?
00:10:10Can we change Google Plus Personal Page into Brand Page or Business Page?
00:11:13Does the Google Algorithm rank websites with .com.au higher than .net.au?
00:12:19What is the significance of Google Safe Browsing visiting frequency?
00:16:13If there`s a website that has pages with "www" and without "www" will that affect seo/ranking?
00:19:36After changing my website URL to www. from non www, the Page Authority dropped to 0
00:21:07Is it True? Google testing Timeline Version of Knowledge Graph
00:23:06Is there any solution to get the adsense account with the same email id?
00:25:42What is CDN? and how it will be helpful for SEO?
00:28:54How to tell search engines that I have profiles on every social media platform?
00:32:02Which link building tactics do you think are good?
00:46:26What are the best SEO reporting tools to show the performance of the website on weekly or monthly basis?
01:20:49My business is verified but the map doesn`t appear beside by name, what should I do?
01:25:55How to get google/bing to ignore the querystring of a url?
01:29:59The google plus page and its post is showing on the right of the serp. What is it and why?
01:32:50The knowledge graph does not show if I search from New York, what can I do?
01:39:23So many links from one website look unnatural, is it dangerous for blog health?
01:42:04Should I drop pages with messy keywords or should I fix them?
01:44:30Electrician does not appear as a category in Google Business Account
01:47:53What is Google "Pigeon" Update?
01:51:31Can you share some SEO tools and tips so that I can have some direct visitors?
01:55:16Should I host business videos on my website or store them on YouTube with a link embed in the website?
01:57:52My website is not rank well though it has good page authority, domain authority, page rank and number of backlinks
02:14:42Why date is only shown in Google SERPs, and not in Yahoo or Bing?
02:17:38The impressions and clicks went down by 40% but the website ranks well on selected keywords, how is that possible?
04:00:00Here is something intersting of HTML tag BlINK in Search of Google