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Will paid traffic improve organic rankings?

OK, next question from SEO novice.  If I pay for Google Ads, presumably more people will visit my site and this will help to improve my organic rankings????

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  • Catherine Cunningham: OK, next question from SEO novice. ; If I pay for Google Ads, presumably more people will visit my site and this will help to improve my organic rankings???
  • Federico Sasso: Hi. You are assuming more visits imply better organic ranking, but the cause-effect relationship is actually the contrary: better organic traffic leads to more visits.
    Of course more visits - even if coming from paid ads - could theoretically create a virtuous circle where some visitor could appreciate your content and link to it, and links last time I checked still helped with organic ranking. Not a direct consequence though.
    Hope this helps
  • Mach Page Speed:  ;I am trying to find an article I read yesterday that states 56% of all paid ads were never viewed.... so I do not think that is the only answer. Based on the question you posted I am assuming you are trying to get more traffic to your site...right?
  • Mach Page Speed: Found it .... ;
  • promoz seo: More visits does not always ensure better ranking. Visits can be from anywhere, social, referral, paid, organic or direct.
    But yes, more organic visits, with longer dwelling time, fewer bounce rates can positively impact ranking and conversions. But remember, more visits with lesser dwelling time and huge bounce rates can have the negative impact on ranking and quality score.
  • Greg Baka: The short answer is NO. ; It's been studied many times, and no relation found between using Pay Per Click ads (PPC, ie Google Adwords or Bing Ads) and organic position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

    But using PPC ads is still a good idea, in some cases.
    1) It is a way for new sites to get enough visitors to survive until they start to rank well organically.
    2) It is a good way to test and learn how often certain keywords are being searched, and if your offering is attractive enough for people to click your listing, and later buy your product - which is very important knowledge.
    3) It can be a profitable way to serve searchers for the keywords that you just can't get your site to appear organically on the first page of Google for (this happens often, to all of us)

    Running a profitable PPC campaign uses a <b>completely different skill set</b> than doing SEO. Join a few G+ Communitys that focus of PPC. Also join a few that focus on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to learn how to get those expensive PPC visitors to reliably buy your product (convert) when they visit your pages.

    Good luck !
  • Julio Marquez: there is no relationship between PPC and organic traffic, but you have chance to benefit from paid traffic by integrating a newsletter in your site and collecting leads,so that you have a direct contact with them in case they have subscribed in your list, so at least your paid traffic will have chance to come back into your site once you make a relation ship with them by sending new updates about  ;your site and you don  ;t need to buy them again in future.Wish this can help, Best of luck
  • Catherine Cunningham: Hi. ; I read that article as well but I think it applies to companies that pay for their ads to appear on someone else&#39;s site. ; I am just doing pay per clicks at this stage. I was a BTB business but am now offering BTC services ;with the purchase process happening via an online store, so I want consumers to visit the site to purchase. ; ;
  • Catherine Cunningham:  ;Thanks Greg. ; Yes, I am trying the PPC to generate some early visits until my organic approach pays off. ; I&#39;ve been told that my space is very competitive ;and ;my web site doesn&#39;t ;currently ;appear at all based on critical key words. ; Thanks for the tip about those communities. ; I only started investigating PPC yesterday and it appears amazingly complicated. ;
  • Catherine Cunningham:  ;Thanks Julio. ; My visitors are likely to make a one-off purchase and not want to maintain a relationship with me (e.g. purchase a resume, interview skills support at ONE specific time in their life). ; I have thought about a newsletter, but it is a bit beyond me at the moment. ; I already do a blog, comment on LinkedIn and write articles for newspaper columns so I am all &quot;written out&quot; at the moment. ;
  • Julio Marquez: you can check the following article ;
    The author listed some useful tips regarding this
  • Paul Smith: I was thinking about this last week and although i`ve always thought the answer to this was "No" i`m no longer sure this is correct. <ready_to_be_shot_down> Here is an example... I have a website selling widgets, www.widgets.web for my main keyword "New Widgets" I appear on page 4 of Google. However, when I search for "New Widgets" on my PC I appear on the first page in the top position. I know this is due to my previous visits and search activity. If I set up an AdWords campaign using the keyword "New Widgets" and generate some paid for traffic when these visitors do another search will I not appear higher in their search results due to a previous visit to my website? </ready_to_be_shot_down>

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