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White fonts on white background

** White fonts white background **
I`m wondering if Google ( & other) will penalize me for using white fonts to hide keywords in my descriptions.
Before you jump on me and say yes - I`m using 4 keywords that are relevant and actual products on my website.
The reason I`m using the white fonts is because yoast won`t give me the "green light" if they`re not exactly where toast wants them.
So rather writing descriptions that don`t flow well or are too repetitive, I`m using the white fonts.
I`m not keyword stuffing or anything like that.
Do any of you use this?
Has it backfired in some way?
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  • Maham Shahid: You dont have to do what Yoast says. Its an automated tool to guide you. I know the orange button can be annoying but green button doesnt guarantee that you`ll rank better.

  • Gaston Sitbon: Thanks, I trust what you`re saying. I`d just like to get that extra positive little nudge if it helps for the crawling.

    Have you used the paid version?

    Is it more comprehensive?

  • Maham Shahid: Gaston Sitbon some ppl say that the free version is enough.

  • Michael Martinez: You need to ignore any SEO plugin suggestion that goes against what you know to be the right thing.

    And, no, nothing like this is going to help with crawling.

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