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It`s in the sitemap but not on the site

So my client is a plastic surgeon in NYC and I have a bunch of high quality articles such as: "Best NYC surgeons..." and "Top Cosmetic clinic in NYC.."
He does not mind if it shows up on the website but I want to only add it via HTML and XML sitemaps, I wont feature it on the blog. Is that going to still help the site to rank better in terms of keywords etc?
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  • Brenda Malone: I think we are missing some of your thoughts-- High Quality what? backlinks? reviews? posts?

  • Michael Martinez: Brenda Malone " high quality NYC ... articles" about ("Best NYC surgeons..." and "Top Cosmetic clinic in NYC..)" topics.

  • Sanket Maheshwari: Put it under some "In the News" page and show it as a feed.

  • Sanket Maheshwari: Also, your question is kind of confusing

  • Jen Bradburn: So you want to add the content but not so it can be found by visitors?

    If so, then no, it won’t help, you might find with the latest GSC features they don’t even Indic it if it’s not linked from other areas of your website

  • נתן גאידאי: Jen Bradburn Yes. So I would link out of it, it will not be linked within my website besides the HTML sitemap and the XML sitemap.

  • Tim Capper: The whole point of content is: To try and convert the reader, in your case, make a booking or an enquiry

  • נתן גאידאי: Tim Capper I understand that, but I want it to be visible from search and not from the website.

  • Richard Hearne: Define "high quality". Did your client write these him/herself?

  • נתן גאידאי: Richard Hearne My content writers did!

  • נתן גאידאי: I fixed the text in the question to be a bit clearer. Thanks

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