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Can subdomain potentially hurt the main site?

Hi Guys, we plan on building a subdomain called giveaways.domain.com, and launch giveaways. The main site is about gadgets. Can this potentially hurt the main site in anyway with SEO? It`s on a subdomain, so i expect Google to treat it separately.
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Perry Bernard: Subdomains are regarded as different websites.

  • Michael Martinez: I don`t think you need to worry about anything.

  • Jitendra Kumar: No. lots of peoples using sub domains website.

  • Casey White: I mean it`s not a problem, but kind of weird. The way I think of subdomains is that they can act as their own website if you decide to spin them off in the future. Like if I was a major brand but have an industry that doesn`t warrant their own website I would make that industry a subdomain of the main brand website. So I would ask myself, can giveaways be it`s own business? If not, might be better to make it a directory. Either way your fine.

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