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Does Google read and index Google Slides?

Does Google read and index Google Slides? Or it`s invisble because it needs to be clicked to slide?
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  • Michael Martinez: Yes, but you have to make them public and as I don`t use Google Slides I don`t know how to do that. But you can find 1000s of presentations in Google`s search results.

    Other than appearing in the search results and possibly ranking for random queries, I would not expect this kind of content to have much SEO value.

  • Perry Bernard: Michael Martinez all Docs are simple to make public by way of their sharing settings. It`s common across all Google Docs and other platforms like Data Studio. Just click Share, then configure to be publicly accessible. You need to link to this Slide within your content, then anyone, including Googlebot can access it. How effective it is at gaining rank and being indexed for it`s content is not known. Here is a link to a quick search for some slides: site:docs.google.com/presentation/

  • Perry Bernard: FWIW I just did a test using a very long-tail phrase that I collected from a Slide, then searched in Google for that phrase captured in quote marks. The Slide Presentation I got it from ranked 32nd. Nothing definitive. Just saying it was not ranked well for the exact search constraint.

  • Michael Martinez: Perry Bernard I agree it`s not definitive. I rarely find slide presentations of any type ranking well in search results. I usually only come across them in random, obscure queries (usually after trying several query variations in succession).

    But that could just mean no one attempts to get their presentations to rank for competitive queries.

    Thank you for the explanation of how to make the Google Slides public.

  • נתן גאידאי: Michael Martinez I am trying to incoporate the slides in a similar way I do infographics. I want to use: https://slidesgo.com

    I am not trying to rank it better because of it. I am already on page 1 shifting between 1-3 positions but I want to be better by adding slides so the users will come back etc

    SLIDESGO.COMFree Google Slides themes and Powerpoint templates | SlidesgoFree Google Slides themes and Powerpoint templates | Slidesgo

  • נתן גאידאי: Perry Bernard So Googlebot is able to pull info from the slides?? I mean I am scared it can`t because it is a dynamic object... if what you are saying is true that is awesome!

  • Michael Martinez: I have found slide presentations through searches for specific strings of text, where the text was only included in the slides themselves.

    If Google can parse a file and extract text from it, their algorithms will try to index the file based on that text.

  • נתן גאידאי: Michael Martinez That is great!! Thanks

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