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What`s the best kind of page title for a plumbing company?

What`s the best kind of page title for a plumbing company?

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  • Tim Capper: Bobs Plumbing - Emergency Plumbing & Heating Service in San Francisco Or whatever the name and service happens to be
  • Alex T. Besaw: #1 keyword first for that locationPlumber San Francisco | Residential & Commercial | Brand Name
  • Alex T. Besaw: DO NOT put your brand name first. Google crawls title first and you’re telling google you want to rank for your brand name.Who would search for your brand name when needing a plumber? NO ONE, unless they know you
  • JL Faverio: No recommendations for adding the phone number to the end of the page title huh?
  • David Ogletree: I will come over and lay some pipe
  • Jobin John: San Francisco Plumber | Professional Plumbing Service in San Francisco, CA
  • David Gizzarelli: your title should be one that doesn`t compete with other plumbers. something unique like Fast Plumbing or Sink Shower and Drain. Thats my opinion. experiment each week or so and record the results so you know what worked and what didnt.

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