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About links in the footer


I read a lot about links in the footer and I still can`t decide if it`s good or bad what I want to do. I am speaking strictly from Google penalties point of view. I already know that I`m diluting the authority by doing this.
Some companies like Envato simply put links to their other sites, others put nofollow.
In my case, I sell products, I have 2 main sites an around 10 one-page websites that I would like to link them all in the footer.
In my case, I don`t spam but rather I am taking this route the time each one-page website grow. The scope is different as I am addressing different markets.
On one site I sell only new collections, on another one I am selling just the core products while on the other 10 ones I am offering limited-time deals on some products - price and descriptions will be different.
Because they are all part of the same "family" I want to grow them together.
This will get penalized by Google or not? Please help me, as I can`t decide I I should do it or not.

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