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On SERP first page but no traffic

I really don`t understand why all of my websites receive no traffic.

One of my sites, my business page, is on the first page of google for my keywords and Im even above Yelp, Task Rabbit, and thumbtack, yet I get no hits, leads, or calls from my website.

All of my business either comes from Yelp or Google business page.

All tests show my site is in top form.

Do I expect too much? Maybe my landing page and form isn`t attractive? Its a google conspiracy? Would an seo expert subscription help me?

Im no expert but Ive gotten to the first page of google.

Thanks for any feedback.

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  • Jim Munro: Welcome, David. :)
  • Jim Munro: Are you using an anonymous browser to check your keywords? You don`t have to but if you would like to post an example keyword, others can check it for you.
  • Jason Eland: It doesn`t matter if you are ranking on top because if the keyword does not have buyer intent or your meta title or description doesn’t entice a click then it is a loss. Without more information about the site or at least industry we really are shooting in the dark.
  • Natalie Athanasiadis: You may be appearing 1st because results in SERPs are personalised if you are checking via your web browser. Can you confirm how you are checking your rankings?If you crosscheck your visibility and you indeed are top of first page but recieve no traffic or business you need to take a look at the searches you are trying to get visibility for. Do those keyword clusters have search volume behind them?
  • Jobin John: I completely agree with Jason Eland and Natalie Athanasiadis so here is something you can do, first go to Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder to check the search volume for those keywords and this way you will be able to find if it is really worth it. If …Lihat Lainnya
  • David Gizzarelli: furniture assembly, furniture assembly sf, furniture assembly san francisco
  • David Gizzarelli: mobilefurnitureassemblynow.com
  • David Gizzarelli: this is in a private window with "furniture assembly sf"
  • Jobin John: The search volume for "furniture assembly San Francisco" and "furniture assembly SF" is around 30 every month which is really low. I would recommend targeting keywords that have high search volume.
  • Neil Cheesman: maybe also look at data in Google Search Console re `Search`
  • Dave Elliott: The reason why you aren`t getting traffic may well be because your chosen keywords get little search volume. That said, your site has major issues!Your content and site just don`t inspire trust. The text is over optimised and spammy. I have no idea h…Lihat Lainnya
  • Dahlian R. Lamy: Hey David, as Dave pointed out above, all your SEO efforts are being wasted because of the condition of your website.You mentioned: "All tests show my site is in top form." - those tests are NOT taking into account the HUMAN element. At the end of th…Lihat Lainnya
  • Tim Capper: You need to research / uncover what people are searching for, because its not furniture assembly.Do some research, what, when, at what point would they think they needed someone to assemble their furniture - then what would they search for?

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