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SEO on landing pages for ads

I work in an agency where the PPC team using site search queries to create appropriate landing pages for ads (because category/product filters are insufficient). What`s the correct approach from SEO perspective for these types of pages that are getting indexed.

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  • Michael Stricker: Noindex will keep such “Search result” pages out of the index, but large inventories suggest robots.txt and perhaps GSC URL Handling to discourage crawling of Search result directory. HOWEVER if the page coverts well, and is a popular trendy product, consider building out a static page, linking to it internally as a special collection from Cat pp., but be sure your GA and AdWords provide clarity with regard to conversion attribution and source/medium.
  • Michael Martinez: If the site search is coming from a Google Custom Search Engine then you cannot noindex the pages. I would be surprised if an ecommerce site were still using Google CSE because only ad-supported CSEs are still available. Site search is a tricky tool and you need to make sure whatever is being used for that isn`t affected by a "noindex" directive. You can use a "googlebot" meta tag instead of "robots" if the site search is managed by something else.
  • Michael Stricker: I have a feeling this is proprietary site search integrated with faceted nav.
  • Michael Martinez: Michael Stricker Or part of the ecommerce platform. I know Magento has a built-in site search function. Just to be on the safe side, I recommend you use "googlebot" meta tags on the pages you don`t want indexed.

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