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What should a good site title be?

Q: What should a `good` `site title` be on a Wordpress site?
ie - Should it be the domain name?
Can a site-title be `over-optimized` unintentionally? Is a site-title used by search engines in rankings - I can`t appear to find any reference to it in Google`s Starter Guide.

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Glenn Cooper: Why would the site name be different to the domain name? IMO it sends mixed signals if different
  • Neil Cheesman: I am not saying it shouldn`t BUT in some cases it could be couldn`t it? Some domain names are often shortened - but I guess an expansion of that would be acceptable. (thinking about loud). I am not even sure if the search engines consider site titles in the algorithm...
  • Glenn Cooper: Site titles must surely send a signal, but good question. I would doubt that it would lead to over optimization, after all, most websites do exactly what they say on the tin?
  • Neil Cheesman: Not something I have really look closely at before but looking at a few it is `interesting` that some use the `feature` and others don`t.
  • Neil Cheesman: re `over-optimizing` - I guess if a locksmith for example - and domain mynylocksmithdotcom - site title Cheapest New York Locksmith etc... but if not an actual page title - hence the question is a site title actually used by the search engines...

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