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Can the rel=`shortlink` be an seo problem in Google?

Can the rel=`shortlink` be an seo problem in Google?

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  • Michael Martinez: I don`t know of any reason for it to be a problem.
  • Chris Simmance: As far as I know, Google ignores them. https://www.seroundtable.com/google-ignores-rel-shortlink...
  • Neil Cheesman: Thanks - it seems to be somewhat of a curious feature.
  • Christopher Fischbach: Neil Cheesman Google ignores it but why do you think it`s a curious feature? Btw: removing the shortlink won`t change the behavior if linked to it. It`s just a pointer to an URL that redirects back to the page... I remove them usually - unnecessary element in source.
  • Neil Cheesman: Curious in as much as it doesn`t appear to be `that` short :)
  • Christopher Fischbach: /?p=123 is always shorter than any other speaking slug, isn`t it? These where good while Twitter for example didn`t have their own shortener but now they`re sort of obsolete, I think.
  • Neil Cheesman: Christopher Fischbach I was thinking that some domain names + ?p=123 will be longer than the typical Google short url. Thanks for the info - just curious about it.
  • Christopher Fischbach: Oh, indeed. It was more the type of people sharing your URL. Back then Twitter took that shortlink to give you back some letters. Now they use their own for that purpose. But you`re right that all these other shortlink services provide a shorter version nowadays. But then, think of trustworthiness of a Google link or one that has your brand in it. I usually use pretty links for that purpose if I want my brand be seen too. 😉

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