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The use of href-lang and html-lang

RE use of hreflang
The language setting in Wordpress is set to EITHER UK or US resulting in "html lang="en-GB" or html lang=en-US"

However, if a website is aimed at ALL English speaking visitors - and there are two (or more) language versions on the web - then the English href lang would be hreflang="en" -

Does it matter that the site language is html lang="en-GB
and the href lang is different? ie hreflang="en"?

Wordpress site = and the hreflang (two of - 1 linking to alternate language) with one being

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Perry Bernard: The language setting for the site html is not related to hreflang and does not influence any language or regional targeting for search at all.
  • Neil Cheesman: Thanks Perry Bernard
  • Dave Elliott: Yeah, google ignores it cause too many sites get it wrong. w3 probably want you to get it right, but, they are the only people who care as far as I know.
  • Marcus Pentzek: Google ignore the HTML language information (except hreflang).

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